The Omaha Friends of Jung is a non-profit organization that offers education, workshops, web conferences, videoconferences and on going community activities for Nebraska and Iowa.

Current Presentation:

11/14/14 - Live videoconference- Ashok Bedi, MD, Jungian Psychoanalyst will present: "Beyond DSM 5 and ICD-10-The Soul Mining of Symptoms-A Jungian Perspective"

Traditional Psychiatric Diagnostics focuses on phenomenological description of symptom clusters rather than the causal and prospective dimensions. The Freudian causal lens gives a good understanding of the psychogenesis of symptoms in earlier experiences, but do not guide us as to where the symptoms are trying to guide us to claim not only freedom from suffering but claiming our potentials and claiming our destiny our teleos. The presentation will explore some prevalent medical and psychiatric problems, e.g. Thyroid problems, Bipolar disorders, Depression, Suicide etc. from an analytical lens.

Learning objectives
  1. Summarize basic tenants of Jung’s analytical psychology
  2. Recognize differences between traditional DSM 5 and Analytical perspectives on some psychiatric and medical disorders
  3. Utilize the Analytical framework to explore psychodynamic understanding of these disorders
  4. Apply the Analytical paradigm to explore additional treatment options
Cost: $40 for members; $50 for non-members. Checks should be made out to Tim Swisher. Please register by calling or emailing Tim Swisher.


Books by Ashok Bedi: