The Omaha Friends of Jung is a non-profit organization that offers education, workshops, web conferences, videoconferences and on going community activities for Nebraska and Iowa.

Current Presentation:

12/12/14 - "Spirits and Mental Illness: The Push to Find Healers in the West" (And Christmas Party)

When Dr. Malidome Somé, a Dagara shaman, looks at clients suffering from mental illness, he sees the misalignment of a spirit and a host. The spirit wants to come into to the hosts life and do a kind of healing work for either the individual or the larger community, but is blocked by the resistance and ignorance of the host.

In the West, these same symptoms get regarded as the dysfunction of a biochemical system - our bodies/brains. Dr. Somé proffers that ritual and attunement to the spirit can bring the "illness" to fruition and benefit and resolve the conflicting energies within the individual.

In this salon, we will be looking at mental illness through the lens of a shaman. In addition to the reading below, we will watch some clips from a talk by Dr. Somé.


Following the Salon, we will have our annual holiday party. The OFOJ will supply the beverages and we ask you to bring something along to share with the group.