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Current Presentation:

10/10/14 - Bipolar Disorder, Type II: A Doubter’s Dilemma. Chemical Soup, or Sadness, Pain, Manic Defenses and other Psychological Emergency Maneuvers - presented by Dr. Mark Kremen

During this presentation Dr. Kremen will discuss Bipolar Disorder Type II and some of the controversy and questions that have occurred because of the frequency of people being diagnosed with this mood disorder.

Following are some of the areas he will cover:
  1. Truths, Fad or Confusion: No Biomarkers Subjective-In the Eyes of the Clinician
  2. Differential Diagnosis
  3. What you see is what you are looking for: Chemical imbalance? Manic or Narcissistic Defenses?
  4. A comment on Evidence Based Medicine
  5. Clinical examples
Mark encourages discussion throughout.

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