1/7/11-Dr. Stephen Skulsky will present "The Devil: Satan, Prince of Darkness, Mephistopheles, Beelzebub, Belial, or twin brother of God?"

1/21/11-Tim Swisher, MHR, LMHP, LADC, Certified Jungian Psychotherapist will present "Jung and the Gnostics" How Jung was influenced by Gnosticism.

2/4/11-A videoconference will be transmitted provided by the Asheville Jung Center. THE HOUSE THAT JUNG BUILT: INNER & OUTER STRUCTURES WITH GRANDSON ANDREAS JUNG. The cost is $47.00 with 20% of the total coming back to the OFOJ.
Time: 10 AM-1 PM CST. Register through
OFOJ will provide the videoconference technology. Coffee, hot tea, spring water and snacks also provided. Visit the Asheville Jung Center for a detailed description. Please plan on registering soon as possible. CEU offered by Asheville Jung Center.

2/18/11-James Hillman, PhD. VIDEO SERIES. "James Hillman on Archetypal Psychology". If you’re a student or professional in the field of psychology and you’ve ever wondered, “Hey, where’s the excitement and imagination in psychology?” you’ve got a friend in James Hillman. In this fascinating interview, Dr. Hillman offers an inspiring critique of what he calls a “very peculiar field” and passionately expresses his longing for a psychology that enjoys and respects the psyche rather than fears and confines it.

Hillman, a self-described “renegade psychologist,” argues for re-visioning psychology in a way that encourages people to get curious about the psyche rather than pathologize it. He argues that the more we embrace surprise and wonder and the less we focus on rational understanding, the more we will enjoy being alive. He speaks fervently about the importance of imagination and dreams, while encouraging clients and therapists alike to cultivate a sense of awe.

With the current emphasis on evidence-based, quick-fix approaches to mental health, Hillman’s call to slow down, pay attention, and make time for the soul to come out of its shell is truly radical. If you find yourself feeling heavy and dispirited about the field and long for a more soulful and creative approach to psychotherapy, spend some time with James Hillman on this DVD and you’re sure to feel inspired, liberated, and rejuvenated.

3/4/11-James Hillman, PhD. "James Hillman on the Soulless Society". In this compelling interview with one of the world’s most respected psychologists and social critics, Dr. Hillman takes a critical look at American culture, from how we relate to passersby on the street, to our response to 9/11 and Katrina, to what happens between therapist and client in the consulting room. He delves into diverse topics such as the addiction to innocence, the value of breakdown, the terrible oppression of being normal, and the role of elders. With his characteristic passion and fervor, Dr. James Hillman shares his thoughts on what’s wrong with American society, what we can do about it, and what really matters most.

This intriguing video will inspire anyone who has a longing for more authenticity and connection to cultivate a deeper sense of curiosity and wake up to the mystery of being alive. Hillman’s discussion about the role of psychology and psychotherapy in perpetuating the addiction to security and innocence will be of particular interest to anyone interested in a thoughtful critique of psychology. With counterintuitive injunctions such as, “Be rude!” and “Leave out hope,” Hillman offers his wise guidance about what we can all do to create a more soul-full society.

3/18/11-Mary Spurgeon, MS, "Politics, Fundamentalism & Therapy"
Using the work of Andrew Samuels, this presentation will examine some of the psychological influences upon political life in the USA and dominant cognitive behaviors that accompany them. It will look at fundamentalism and the anxieties which it seeks to address that impact all people. Finally, it will explore how psychotherapeutic principles may contribute to solutions and ask what we may do individually or collectively to make a difference.

Andrew Samuel’s papers utilized:

War, Terrorism, Cultural Inequality and Psychotherapy

The Fascination of Fundamentalism

A New Therapy for Politics?


1. Participants will learn the myth that influences politics in the USA and how it impacts the society.
2. Participants will learn the cultural habits of mind that contribute to the crisis in the western world.
3. Participants will be able to identify the anxieties that fundamentalism seeks to relieve.

4/1/11-Jim Poppert, MS, LMHP, LADC, and John Campbell, LCSW, AGPA-"The Mexican Lottery" "A journey around the canoe, the umbrella, the apache and the mermaid." Jose Cherbowski.  The use of the game of Mexican Lottery as an effective tool in the process of group therapy.

Learning objectives
1. Through use of Mexican Bingo Cards, participants will identify "archetypes" through symbolism. 2. Engaging in a group process, participants will use symbols to activate archetypal projections and deepen the level of personal revelation.
In preparation for the Creativity, Imagination and Well-Being Through Art and Music fundraiser we will view and discuss the video Meinrad Craighead’s “Praying with Images” The title says it all. This beautifully made DVD chronicles artist Meinrad Craighead’s life and work, and is full of inspiration and nourishment. Images of her artwork are interspersed with sequences of her working on paintings, making pilgrimage, walking her dog, making her daily ritual in her studio, dancing with other women and so on. We see Meinrad immersed in her lifetime quest to express the many faces—across cultures and time—of the Mother face of God. Her humility, quiet passion and deep insight, as she speaks of her lifelong journey to image the sacred, gives us an accessible meeting with this treasured elder. Friends also help tell her extraordinary life story as an artist and as a teacher, and what she has meant to them. The DVD is full of many images of her wonderful paintings and prints, and extracts from her writing about them and her creative process. But there is no guru hype about the film, it is as unsentimental and honest as the images she has given birth to for over 50 years. And by the end of the documentary the meaning of the word prayer in the title is obvious. It is the quiet place, the waiting place, the deep core within each of us which is beyond word or thought, where we are once more united with our divine essence and reason for being. - Faith Nolton, Sacred Hoop Magazine.


The artists:
Matt Dinovo (Paintings),
Cait Irwin (Painting & Drawings),
Ed Fennell (crystal forge, Glass)
Jean Mason(Paintings),
Dan Toberer (Pottery),
Levent Oz (Silversmith),
Lori Hubbell (Jewelry),
Paula wallace (Painting),
Mark Nelson (painting),
John Dennison (Clay)
Kristi Pederson (fused glass


To keep omaha a vibrant and growing center for creativity, imagination
and well-being, proceeds from the door and a percentage from
the artists’ sales will go to expand videoconferencing and educational capabilities.


4/29/11- Participants will read and discuss the following article “The Palette of Anselm Kiefer: Witnessing Our Imperiled World” by Jacqueline J. West, Ph.D. & Nancy Dougherty, M.S.W. Anselm Kiefer was born in Germany in 1945, in a country rebuilding itself from the ashes of war and redefining its place in history. His early work directly addressed the silence and denial that existed in Germany about the unbridled aggression of WWII including the unimaginable violence and decimation of the Holocaust. However he soon expanded these themes into extensive ideological, spiritual, and psychological investigations. His monumental canvases and installations have become multi-leveled experiences that persistently reflect not only the horrific past of his homeland but also more ancient and universal human concerns about life and death, good and evil. Attending intensely to this dialogue between history and myth, Kiefer can be seen, in Jungian terms, to be addressing the relationship between human reality and the archetypal realms. Click here for The Palette of Anselm Kiefer. Click here for article Freud and Jung on Art, Click here for second article on Martin Ramirez

5/13/11-Tim Swisher, MHR, LMHP, LADC, Certified Jungian Psychotherapist will present
on the "Parent/Child Complex". The parent/child complex is a ubiquitous complex
found in all levels of development. It permeates the American culture in visible
and invisible ways. We will learn about this complex through visiting the developmental
stages of a life span, understand how Jung's Transcendent Function helps us to moderate
this complex and how understanding and working through the Parent/Child Complex
can help us become more of who we are. Readings TBA.

5/27/11-We will watch and discuss the video of James Hillman, Ph.D. discuss the concepts of the Puer and Senex. Here is what Depth Video has to say:

In April of 2010, Dr. James Hillman presented a weekend seminar in which he returned to a topic from his earlier days - Old and Young: Senex and Puer. These opposing yet complimentary archetypes have been cornerstones of Jungian psychology, but Hillman brought his examination of them squarely into the modern day.
How has time treated these archetypes, and the living breathing people who embody them? Hillman, the author of more than 20 books and the originator of post-Jungian archetypal psychology, approached the archetype of the senex (from which senior, senator, and senility arise) from a personal point of view. After more than five decades as one of the world's most imaginative and confrontational psychological minds, the senex archetype rules more and more with each advancing day. Yet, along with servitude to the tyranny of time and the physical bondage, he has found that something else stirs. The liberation from conformity that age can bring enlivens the timeless presence of an inner partner - the puer, with its attributes of risk, vision, spontaneity, idiosyncrasy, and joy.
In addition, Hillman grounded the seminar in an assessment of the very concrete concerns of geriatric psychology and the aging of the American psyche and its institutions. On the other side of the equation, he examined one of Western culture's most troubling syndromes-the fascination with, and yet cruel neglect of, youth.
This two-DVD set includes the entirety of Hillman's two-day seminar, held in front of a sold-out audience at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. The presentation functions as a companion and adjunct to Hillman's 2005 book, "Senex and Puer".

"The Creation of Symbolic Meaning on the Path to Individuation"
A Global Internet Seminar Live Simultaneously from Zurich & London
Friday, June 24, 2010, 10:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M. videoconference. From 1 P.M.-2 P.M. group discussion with Omaha participants lead by Tim Swisher, MHR, LMHP, LADC, Certified Jungian Psychotherapist. Light snacks and beverages will be provided.
Murray Stein, Ph.D. is President of the International School of Analytical Psychology (ISAP) in Zurich, Switzerland. Warren Colman, M.Sc., is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Analytical Psychology and a Training Analyst at the Society of Analytical Psychology (SAP) in London, UK.

Cost: $20.00 for members of the OFOJ and $30.00 for non-members.

CEUS: $15.00 through Asheville Jung Center

To register contact Tim Swisher at 402-390-6044, ext. 4 or
Here's what the Asheville Jung Center has to say about this videoconference.
Our next seminar will look at how we create symbolic meaning within our lives. We will be broadcasting this seminar live from two separate sites. Murray Stein will present from the ETH University in Zurich, while Warren Colman broadcasts from the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relations in London. Warren is one of the leading Jungian analysts in England and currently Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Analytical Psychology. This seminar promises to be a lively and unique experience. As always, you can join us from any computer with high speed internet, watching either live or a recorded version available within a few days.
C. G. Jung wrote extensively on symbols and symbolic process, beginning importantly with the work that heralded his break with Freud,
Symbole und Wandlungen der Libido (Symbols and Transformations of Libido). The Red Book, which followed shortly afterwards, is itself a symbolic work in many respects, not only for its content of narrative and the painted images but for the meaning it held for Jung personally. The field of analytical psychology has been, as a consequence of Jung's regard for the symbolic, known for its interpretation of symbols as they appear in cultural materials such as myths, fairy tales and religious doctrines and rituals, and also on a personal level in dreams, active imagination, projection and transference (or countertransference). The subject of this seminar will be what symbols and the symbolic process mean and how they function in the development of culture and the individual. Special consideration with be given to the importance of the transcendent function in psychic life and especially in the interpersonal field of psychotherapy. In addition, there will be discussion on the differences that arose earlier between Zurich and London concerning the appearance and meaning of symbols and where this issue stands today in the respective schools and their relations.
Learning Objectives:
This seminar is designed to help you:
1. To compare traditional and contemporary Jungian thinking about symbols and their place in psychotherapy
2. To analyze the creation, use and misuse of symbols in cultural and personal life.
3. To create symbolic meaning and describe its impact on individuals and culture
4. To describe symbolic processes in psychotherapy
5. To critique new conceptualizations in analytical psychology that bear on symbols and the creation of symbolic meaning
Outline of seminar:
1. "Introduction: Jung on Symbols and the Symbolic Life," with discussion, by Murray Stein.
2. "Some Reflections on the Creation of Symbolic Meaning," with discussion, by Warren Colman.
3. "Zurich vs. London on Symbols, Symbolic Meaning, Symbolic Life." A dialogue between Murray Stein and Warren Colman and audience.
4. "Some reflections on symbolic images and processes in analysis" by Murray Stein.
Suggested Readings:
Bovensiepen, G (2002) Symbolic attitude and reverie: problems of symbolization in children and adolescents. Journal of Analytical Psychology, Vol 47:2, 241-257
Colman, W. (2010) Dream Interpretation and the Creation of Symbolic Meaning.  In Jungian Psychoanalysis (ed. M. Stein), pp. 94-108.
Jung, C.G. The transcendent function. In CW 8, paras. 131-193.
________. The Tavistock Lectures, Lectures 3 and 4. In CW.18. Paras. 145-303.
________. The Symbolic Life. In CW 18, paras. 608-696.
________. "Symbol" in Definitions. In CW 6, paras. 814-829.
Ronnenberg, A. (ed.) (2010) The Book of Symbols.
Stein, M. (2009) Symbol as Psychic Transformer.  In Symbolic Life 2009 (ed. M. Stein),pp. 1-12.

7/29/11-The video by David Cumes: Death is Just a Ticket to a New Destination will be viewed and discussed. Depth Video has this to say about Dr. Cumes; Cumes grew up in South Africa and earned his medical degree in 1967, later moving to California to begin his practice as a surgeon. There he married and raised four children. He was the epitome of the successful, westernized medical doctor. But when he began taking trips back to South Africa, the shamans there told him repeatedly that he had an additional destiny to fulfill. He began training with the sangomas, spending time over a number of years living in the bush, learning about plant medicine, trance states, and indigenous wisdom. He was eventually initiated as a sangoma and now gives lectures and offers private divinations on African healing technologies. Discussion will follow.

8/19/11-Tim Swisher, MHR, LMHP, LADC, and Certified Jungian Psychotherapist will lead participants in dream work. First by introducing the group to the Social Dreaming Matrix and then by s short video of Marie-Louise Von Franz analyzing a dream. We will then work with participant’s dreams. Readings found on New Readings page at

9/9/11-The Way of the Dream-we will view two chapters from the Marie-Louise Von Franz video, The Structure of Dreams and The Living Symbol. Discussion to follow. We will also work with any dream material evoked during the group. Readings will be posted at
omahafriendsofjung.com under New Readings.

9/23/11-The Way of the Dream-we will view two more chapters of Marie-Louise Von Franz video, The Ladder to Heaven and The Forgotten Language. Discussion and dream work to follow. Readings will be posted at
omahafriendsofjung.com under New Readings.

10/7/11-Tim Swisher, MHR, LMHP, LADC, Certified Jungian Psychotherapist will present an Introduction to The Secret of the Golden Flower-A Chinese Book of Life-Translated by Richard Wilhelm. This ancient esoteric treatise was transmitted orally for centuries before being recorded on a series of wooden tablets in the eighth century. It was recorded by a member of the Religion of Light, whose leader was the Taoist adept Lu Yen (also known as Lu Yen and Lu “Guest of the Cavern”). It is said that Lu Tzu became one of the Eight Immortals using these methods. The ideas have been traced back to Persia and the Zarathustra tradition and its roots in the Egyptian Hermetic tradition. Jung was very influenced by this book. Images and lecture will help us understand the influence this book had on Jung and Analytic Psychology.

10/21/11-John Hunziker, Ph.D-"An Ascetic\Compulsive Woman: How Can You Not Love Me? See How Much I Do, How Little I Demand." John will discuss psychotherapy from the theoretical background from Interpersonal School.


1) How a good diagnosis develops from an analytic viewpoint.
2) The power of anxiety in maintaining an interpersonal stance.
3) How some psychological testing can help clarify the picture.
John Hunziker, Ph.D. graduated from Arizona State University in 1977. He interned at the University of Washington Medical School and Children's Orthopedic Hospital in Seattle. After graduation, Dr. Hunziker worked at Omaha's Douglas County Community Mental Health Center until 1986 when he took a position as staff psychologist at the Omaha VA Hospital. He is recently retired from the Omaha VA Hospital where he was Chief of Psychology and Program Director of the Outpatient Mental Health Clinic. Dr. Hunziker has had a private practice in Omaha, Nebraska since 1980 and specializes in psychoanalytic psychotherapy with a relational\attachment perspective. He is also well trained in cognitive\behavioral approaches.

Dr. Hunziker is past president of the Nebraska Psychological Association (NPA) and served on the NPA ethics committee. In 1993, Dr. Hunziker was awarded the Psychologist of the Year Award from NPA. Dr. Hunziker also served on the Executive Committee of the Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis from 2001-2009 and was Director in 2006. Dr. Hunziker is Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Creighton University and the University of Nebraska Psychiatry Departments. Dr. Hunziker is a member of the American Psychological Association, Division 39 (Psychoanalysis), the Nebraska Psychological Association, the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, and the National Register of Health Services Providers in Psychology.

11/4/11- Robert Moretti, Ph.D, Jungian Analyst will present "The Historical Context of Jung's Red Book".
Description: This presentation will familiarize participants with the life and work of C.G. Jung, particularly in relation to his Red Book. Central aspects of Jung's personal psychology and biography, as well as cultural influences of the time will be explored and related to the Red Book writings.
1. Identify critical cultural and historical features that contributed to Jung's "experiment" in active imagination.
2. Discuss biographical features of Jung's life that influenced the Red Book and the development of his theory.
Dr. Moretti is a clinical psychologist and Jungian analyst in private practice. He holds academic appointment as Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, where he has been on the faculty for over 25 years. In addition to standard Jungian analytic approaches, Dr. Moretti's practice utilizes mindfulness meditation techniques, cognitive approaches, and hypnosis. Title and objectives TBA.
Cost: $40.00 non-members and $30.00 members.
To register please contact Tim Swisher at 402-390-6044 or

11/18/111-The Spiritual Journey of Man-John Campbell, LCSW, AGPA will present on Richard Rohr's book The Spiritual Journey of Man.
John is in private practice and a member of American Group Psychotherapy Association and a log standing contributor to the OFOJ. John has presented at national conferences on group therapy. He is currently serving on the OFOJ Steering Committee.

CANCELLED Planting Imagination: the ecological and symbolic power of community trees.
The Tree of Life image resonates deeply across time and space in human communities. The power of this image is drawn from its vitality as a physical reality; trees and other plants make human life possible. To plant a tree is to plant a symbol; the ecological and symbolic power of community trees depends on enlightened planting and clarity of vision.
Jack Phillips is Principal of New Tree School and teaches on the faculty of Arboriculture Canada Training and Education.
After a career as a college humanities professor, Jack devoted himself to the ecology of sustainable tree planting and care. Academic and consulting projects have taken him to the Tongass rain forest, the Sahara Desert, and to ecosystems and cities through North America and the Middle East. Jack is a regular contributor to Tree Care Industry Magazine and to Prairie Fire: The Progressive Voice of the Great Plains. He is an ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist and a member of the International Oak Society. He is at home in the woodlands, prairies, and oak savannas of Eastern Nebraska.

12/16/11-Holiday Party with a video presentation, Mysterium-A Poetic Prayer. Guided by awareness of the integrative nature of the psyche,Mysterium bridges polarities and communicates in a way that links together matter and spirit, thoughts and emotions, images and reflections. Testimonials on spirituality and on the body/spirit coniunctio from 12 Jungian analysts from Italy, U.S.A., Venezuela, and India are joined with images from different countries around the world and testimonials from practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism in India and in Nepal. A multiplicity of experiences is collected mirroring the many in the One. Through the flow of water, Mysterium unfolds as a poetic prayer and reflects the language of the soul. External lands are seen as interior landscapes.
Click here for reading
Food, wine, beverages and good conversation will follow the video. Please plan on joining us for the ending of 2011 and the beginning of a new year.